During 25 months (November 2019-November 2021) RESET develops the following outputs:

Methodological Framework

A methodological framework forms the starting point for all further project activities. RESET Methodology is based on research on resilience and its importance for basic education, the effects of trauma, violence, and discrimination on learning processes, as well as a survey among basic education trainers on their perceptions regarding their professional challenges and strategies. It provides information on how to foster wellbeing among learners and suggests various self-care exercises for trainers



A curriculum, building on the methodology of storytelling, and a toolbox, containing games and exercises to promote resilience that are linked to:

  • key competence(s) of basic education, including  reading & writing, arithmetic  digital, and civic competences, as well as communication language skills amongst others.
  • resilience areas such as the regulation of emotions, affects and feelings, self-assessment, stress management, social skills and relationships, development of creativity etc.

E-learning platform

An e-learning platform that allows for a broad dissemination of resilience-fostering methods for basic education trainers and offers audio context and exercises, promoting listening comprehension and digital skills of participants with basic educational needs.

Tutorials for basic educators

Now available on our YouTube Channel.