RESET Methodology will soon be ready for publication!

Σεπ 9, 2020 | Νέα

The development of a joint methodological framework – based on the partners’ broad experience in educational work with disadvantaged groups and a sound scientific foundation – formed the starting point for all of the project’s further activities. This publication addresses all those interested in receiving profound information about the importance of resilience in the context of basic education and thought-provoking impulses for dealing productively with the challenges faced by the target group, such as discrimination, violence, and trauma.

Trainers, education managers, and relevant stakeholders are provided with psychoeducational guidance on how they can contribute to stress reduction and resilience through educational work.

The final publication will soon be available online in the following languages: English, German, Greek and Italian.

What ist the RESET Methodology and why was it developed?

  • To impart knowledge about resilience and resilience-fostering factors, with particular consideration of the first target group (people with basic education needs);
  • an analysis of the connection between violence, discrimination and trauma and learning obstacles, with special regard to adult and educationally disadvantaged learners;
  • the construction of (often non-formal) basic education as a room of action that potentially fosters resilience;
  • an overview of the basic pedagogical attitudes and approaches underlying the promotion of resilience in working with the target group;
  • to communicate strategies of self-care that strengthen trainers in their solution-oriented approach, their stress resistance and their (realistic) options for action.