This toolbox is a collection of 80 resilience-fostering exercises and games for basic education learners,  with three degrees of difficulty based on language level (A0-B1). Each game is linked to one or more key competence(s) of basic education, such as communication and language skills, digital and civic competences. The games are both group and individual activities.

You can choose them according to one or more filters: resilience areas, basic education competence and language level.

Through playful pedagogy, participants will learn creativity and how to express their ideas. They will be encouraged to slip into unfamiliar (social, professional and private) roles and to vividly experiment with language and voice, while at the same time exploring their own limits and taking them seriously.


wdt_IDPractice titleLanguage level/level of difficultyResilience areasBasic education competencesLink
1+2 strategiesadvancedbody awareness and stress managementarithmetic; communication; health and care
21 - 2- 3…count aroundbeginnerbody awareness and stress management; social skills and relationshipsarithmetic; health and care; citizenship and sustainable education
33 buttonsintermediateself-assessment and solution orientation; social skills and relationships; resources and self-efficacycommunication; learning competences and soft skills
4A bag full of resourcesbeginnerresources and self-efficacyICT; learning competences and soft skills
5A Bouquet full of Resourcesintermediatesocial skills and relationship; self-assessment and solution orientationreading and writing; learning competences and soft skills
6A day at the workplaceadvancedself-assessment and solution orientation; social skills and relationshipsintegration in the workplace
7A kind of dixitintermediateself-assessment and solution orientation; social skills and relationshops; development of creativitycommunication; learning competences and soft skills; integration in the workplace
8A matter of perspectiveintermediateemotions,affects and feelingsarithmetic; communication; integration in the workplace
9A Resilient Newspaperadvancedemotions,affects and feelings; social skills and relationship; development of creativity; resources and self-efficacyreading and writing; ICT; English; communication
10A weather forecastadvancedemotions,affects and feelings; development of creativity; social skills and relationships: resources and self-efficacy; self-assessment and solution orientationICT; communication; art and culture
Practice titleLanguage level/level of difficultyResilience areasBasic education competences