The current platform comprises several train-the-trainer tutorials and audios with relaxation exercises in which you can receive sound and creative information about the importance of resilience in basic education as well as the use of the RESET teaching material. You will also find a toolbox, in which you can specifically search for exercises that are appropriate for your respective groups of learners.



You can find several videos with highly innovative educational practices that you can adopt to help your learners strengthening their resilience and use it productively to meet challenges. The tutorials investigate and highlight the importance of resilience, especially in the context of basic education. At the same time, they provide ideas and concrete examples in order to support your learners and address the challenges they face. Finally, you  can find inspiring ideas to improve the quality of your work and get inspired for potential interventions with your target group. For more extensive and in-depth information, you can always read our Methodology Framework.


Audio Bonus Tracks

These three audios are exercises for relaxation, body-awareness and mindfulness. They will help you to let go of negative feelings. When listening to them, you just need to go to a quiet place, take up a comfortable position and take time for yourself!


A curriculum based on resilience and storytelling  which you can use to address the needs of your basic education learners, according to their needs regarding both key competence(s) of basic education and resilience areas, to be used together with a toolbox (see below).

Toolbox Exercises

This toolbox is a collection of 80 resilience-fostering exercises and games for basic education learners,  with three degrees of difficulty based on language level (A0-B1). Each game is linked to one or more key competence(s) of basic education, such as communication and language skills, digital and civic competences. The games are both group and individual activities.

You can choose them according to one or more filters: resilience areas, basic education competence and language level.

Through playful pedagogy, participants will learn creativity and how to express their ideas. They will be encouraged to slip into unfamiliar (social, professional and private) roles and to vividly experiment with language and voice, while at the same time exploring their own limits and taking them seriously.

Feedback Form

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